Jumaat, Oktober 24, 2008

buku oh buku

hi guys

as you noticed from my previous entry, i bought some books from MPH clearance sales yerterday. unfortunately im not that good in choosing the right books but im more interested in travel and holiday. So i managed to buy a very good travel guide book for my next trip. as everybody have thier wish to buy new gadgets but for myself im rather to have a holiday as my wish list. Like pepatah melayu say " jauh Perjalanan Luas Pandangan"
i love to use Lonely Planet as my travel guide. very comprehensive
Tebal kan buku Narnia yang i beli tu? love it becouse its 7 chapter in 1 book. and very cheap u ols. hanya RM15 sajo

3 ulasan:

Tanpa Nama berkata...

yo, pinjam buku narnia. ehehehe

ina berkata...

tanpa nama tu aku... aisey td lupa letak nama daa.. kekeke

Eisz berkata...

hik .. nanti jgn lupa eh, tulis synopsis dan jln cerita narnia tuh dlm blog, even i tak buang duit for 15 bucks, from your blog, i leh baca. heuheuehe. internet is free.