Isnin, Oktober 16, 2006


Hm...its been donkey ages that I didn't posted a message up here.

Anyway, its good to have some time to do so... (finally..phew) So how's everyone ? Long time no c...okay...back to what I wanna do.

Losing weight has been the most common issue for people who are
overweight, obese or even to people who thinks that they are
overweight. However, many had the misconception that to go a gym is
the solution in eradicating all the body fats and leaning up the

I totally recommend anyone who wishes to reduce their body fats to take
following steps.

*Get your measurements
Weigh yourself to get your weight, body fat composition, visceral
fat, BMI(Body Mass Index) and your metabolic rate. This numbers will
allow you to know what appropriate steps to take next.

*The Misconception on Weight Loss
Many people thinks that by taking weights and running on track mills
can reduce the body fats in the body or lose weight. Yes...this is
true only to those who are at the early stage of being overweight
(BMI between 24 and 27) or having a mild excess in the body fats (at
Slightly High Level). Those who are overweight or having excess body
fats will faced more disadvantages than benefits on gyms. Weight
lifting are meant to lean the flabby body and tone the muscles. It
does not make us thin. Therefore, if you take on weight lifting, you
are just building muscles that are assimilated with fats. (I will
explain it in a simpler way in order for you to understand). When
this happens, you will find it harder to lose that fats in your body.
In fact, a really healthy weight loss is not to lose weight first,
but to lose your body fats or water first. Any program that tells
you that you will lose your weight first is totally useless and yet
unhealthy. You may lose your health as well as your life. So why try
killing softly with your own money?

Another thing which is usually ignored is 'Visceral Fat'. Very few
trainers or doctors know about this term.(Even renowned doctors or
trainers also asked me about it when I raised this term)(Visceral
means the inner part of the body or related to the organs)Body fat
and visceral fat are totally different. Someone may be high in
visceral fats but having normal level of body fats or vice versa.
Visceral fats are harder to lose than body fat as visceral fats are
usually situated around the inner organs. A 1-hour walk or jog can
burn about 2-5% of body fat but you cannot lose your visceral fat in
a day or two. It take weeks and months, depending on how high is
your visceral fat index.

So, what should you do? First, change your diet to lose your fats.
Change what you eat. Many people tend to eat less to lose weight.
This is actually a wrong action to take. Yes, you may lose the
weights but you are also losing your health. You are losing all the
essential nutrition needs in your body. Eating less doesn't mean its
good for you. Its what you eat that is important. For example,
eating rice. People always avoid rice, saying that carbs can make us
fat. Yes, indeed...but we still need the carbs for providing us
energy. So, in order to have sufficient energy, its best to take
unpolished rice or brown rice. But the sad news is that many brown
rice are not original and are stripped part of its fiber contents.
It is important to take time to find the original brown rice(100%
not to be found in supermarkets). For better results, you can also
substitute your meals into all fruits and vegetables. Fruits like
pineapples, watermelons, apricots,etc are good in cleansing your
body and eliminating your body fats. Salads (without dressings) with
olive oil are healthy and good for losing weight. Remember, always
eat till you are full...not to substain yourself from foods. Its
just changing what you it to get the results you want.

Exercise lightly, not vigorously. Start off with brisk walls,
joggings and cycling to burn your fat. Avoid muscle building or body
toning activities like weightlifting or situps. Its always cheap and
savvy to go to Botanical Garden to do your exercise. Why spend
something that you don't need on gyms?

After getting your body to the ideal weight and body fat, then you
can start off with weight lifting and situps,etc. That is to tone up
for body in certain areas like biceps and abs. Without the fats in
them, your body can build up the muscles with the help of essential
nutrients like protein, B-complexes, essential fatty acid,etc.
However, don't get your proteins through meats as it is not a
healthy source and it increases body uric acid level,which may lead
to gout and arthritis. Go for green leafy vegetables sources or

With this, you can get a beautiful body in a healthier way. I truely
encourage everyone to be wiser in selecting ways to lose weight and
to gain a better body line.I'm sure everyone wants to look great not
only on the outside but also the inside.(being healthy and
energetic) I've seen many that are lean and fit on the outside but
having many health problems due to their improper methods in losing
weight. Ask someone who's really an expert in being able to help you
to achieve it. Doctors and fitness trainers are not experts in this
as I had knew alot of them. Many doctors or trainers (who usually
prescribe weightloss drugs like Xenical Orlistat or even tell you to
eat less,etc) even seek advices from certain professionals in losing
weight the healthier way.

The information stated here are simplified and summarized. Some
details and sub-topics are not mentioned as I couldn't write that
much here. I personally had taken about 4-5 hours just to consult
just on this issue. So, get more details first if you want to take
action in losing weight the healthier way.