Khamis, November 27, 2008

anouncement from my HR

recieved email from my HR department regards to our yea 2008 blocked Leave and Policy of carried forward leave. as im working with US company , this will be a normal practice for the company every end year to close down the business so that it fair enough for everyone to enjoy the holiday.

yeah another long leave coming , but i supposely fly to Bangkok end of this year unfortunately due to some wedding ceremony at famaly member in Penang and Melaka, therefore cancelled this trip. But managed to buy a short holiday for my Yogjakarta to visit the Chandi Borobudur next year right after i complete my comprehansive training for 3 month starting January till March 2009.

"Dear Colleagues,

It’s coming to the end of the Year 2008. As per the company policy and practice, please take note of the following :-
- There will be mandatory blocked leave period from 26 Dec to 31 Dec 08 (3 Days)
- You are allowed to carry forward ONLY 5 days of leave to Year 2009.

We encourage staff to clear your leave within the calendar year. However, we will extend till end March 2009 to give more time to clear your remaining 2008 leave. After 31 March 2009, only 5 days of 2008 leave will be carried forward. All remaining 2008 leave will be forfeited.
In case you are required to work during this period please inform your supervisor/manager to communicate the same to your HR focal for taking needed action. Otherwise, the leave will be automatically deducted in the E-Leave System.
Employees who have exhausted their leave entitlement for this year are required to take Advance Leave subject to your Manager's approval. Please take this into consideration when planning for your annual leave."


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