Rabu, November 26, 2008

31st Celebration @ Malay cuisine

Oh my god, yesterday just reached 31 years old. Any achievement for the past few year before reach 31years olds? The answer is “YES”. And there is a few more goal that I want achieve before age 35. but anyway im not gonna a talk about my goal, but what I had yesterday to compliment my self. Right after finish work, heading back to Bandar tasik selatan and take a quick shower and drive to Restoran Seri Melayu located at jalan Conlay Kuala lumpur, Im sure most of you been there either for lunch or dinner. So this will consider my first time enter to this place.

Honestly enjoy the food and the entertainement

Thanks Fitri

heavy rain on my way to jalan Conlay

Table number 38 but im not 38 yet, they should give me table 31 lol

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