Khamis, Mei 28, 2009

Shophaholic again!!!!!

Hellow readers
I try my best not to shop this month unfortunately i still cant avoid it. On 24th last 4 days, me and Fitri went to another warehouse sales in Klang .
This is branded warehouse sales which is done by FJ Benjamin and the goods was really ausome where they do have Raoul, Guess, GAP, Banana Republic, Nike and and few mores. and we bought 2 watched and 4 pcs of shirt and 1 jacket.

cant take picture inside so... outside pun will do la...

Nike watch at RM589 with 70% discount which is belong to me. This will be my 4th watch in my current collection. Need to collect another 3 so that i can change it everyday lol

Guess watch with orginal price RM600 with further discount at 65%. Great bargain bravo to mr Fitri

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