Isnin, Mei 11, 2009

my own machine

Dear Readers

after 2 weeks move to new office, finally managed to bought a new printer for my team to use it. While waiting for big printer (Fuji Xerox) to arrive end of this month which is my team can use on day to day operation. Anyway I had placed it to next my workstation so that i can print most of my report and display it so that my team member can review thier own performance

un-open condition which bought at Harvey Norman - Thanks HN for the best price. lol

This is my workstation where its better then our old office in PJ :)

i can work anywhere within the office as its provide me the wireless network - luckly im using company laptop :)

since my workload was to much - therefore managed to bought 2 plant and 1 table lamp. So greeny environment while doing my work :)

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Imran berkata...

Hi taufik. I like the idea of putting lamp behind the plant. hhmm. thinking of doing that gak lah at my cubicle ;)

taufik berkata...

Imran - memang rasa tenang bila nampak kehijauan ittewww. Try le. I bought that at Ikea which cost me RM4.90 / plant