Selasa, Mei 12, 2009

KL tour over the last weekend

Dear my lovely readers

last week was a headache week for me and team in the office where one of the Colleague from Syndey office came and run small audit for my new team member and some meeting aka discussion with me. and overall was great even i had a tough conversation with him lol.

since i made a promised to him that i will bring him to visit some hot spot area in KL, here we go as below

Petronas Skybrige
Jordan , Cynthia and myself

me with Yellow tag as visitor at Skybride :)

View from the bridge
another view

Do i look like a Warrior lol!!!!

me and Jordan at Batu Cave :)

me in the cave ---- Cave Man

and in the evening, me and jordan we went to Kajang and eat Satay. No picture during the dinner since enjoy our satay more and at 1020 we make a moved to Putrajaya. My tour guide show to Jordan our Prome Minister Office and some other offices that located in Putrajaya
send back Jordan to Hotel at 12am as he need to check in at the airport for his next flight to Beijing at 830am (10 May) - have a nice journey and good luck in your training at Shenzhen :)

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