Isnin, April 13, 2009

Department re-structuring

Dear Readers

As my previous entry, working with new role was not that easy as what we all thinking. To be a good manager need a lot of skils such as problem solving , leadership skill as you can see bwlo this is department structure.

So today, i would like to share with you all , some tips and guideline on how to be a good manager or supervisor. But of course im not perfect but willing to change my professional charector as tips given below:

Being an effective manager is important for the success of any business. Managing employees is tricky, and there are many common mistakes that managers make that alienate and anger employees. Here are the steps you need to take to prevent that from happening.

Step-1Make sure you set realistic expectations for employees. Whether it's making sure that you allot enough time for projects or making sure your employees have proper training, make sure that you don't set impossible standards for those under you.

Step2-If you require that an employee get something done by a certain date, be prepared to pay them overtime if necessary. Limiting overtime and setting short deadlines is a surefire way to make your employees unhappy.

Step3-Trust your employees. If you don't trust your employees, you may want to consider hiring new people. If you can't trust any of them to be honest with you, are you giving them a reason not to be? Give them the opportunity to prove themselves.

Step4-Do not take sides if employees have a conflict. Moderate and help them resolve it. Do not provoke a confrontation between them, as it will probably just make them defensive, as well as making them resent themselves as well as you.

Step5-Give plenty of opportunities for employees to learn new skills and move up throughout the company. If an employee feels that there is no opportunity for advancement, they will likely be always on the lookout for a new job where there are more options.

Step6-Be as flexible as possible about such things as employee hours and telecommuting. If an employee can work from home and still be as productive as they are in the office, then that should be acceptable for at least part of their time. If an employee needs to take a day off because their child is sick, or they just need a day off, that should be perfectly acceptable, and that employee should not be made to feel guilty about taking a day off.

Step7- Try to spend as much time in the office as your employees do. Coming in 2 or 3 hours later than they do on a regular basis, as well as leaving early on a regular basis sets a bad example for your employees. Especially if your business isn't absolutely wildly successful, try to have at least as much face time in the office as your average employee

Tips & Warnings

  • Your employees will respect you if you respect them.
  • Trust your employees and they will likely give you a reason to trust them.
  • Make employees feel appreciated if they bring forth ideas for improving the company, even if their ideas aren't used.
  • Give employees the tools they need for their job. Listen to their suggestions if they don't feel that their current tools are the best available.
  • Don't micromanage employees, especially those that have been with your company for many years. Nothing will make them feel more unappreciated.
hope some tips given will help us in career development

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In The Nite Garden berkata...

What if it goes the other way round? i mean how to handle difficult supervisor?

taufik berkata...

kakak- I will reply it on 16 April. Please check ya... hehehe saje je nak delay my response tue kalo idak mati le nak type setiap hari hehehe