Sabtu, April 11, 2009

CSCP Eligibility Status


last week i recieved an email from APICs about my CSCP Eligibilty status for the exam and not its been confirmed that my examination date will be on 20th June 09.
So what should i do now???? Start re-planning about my work schedule and my own personal life for this couple of month ? but how to re-plan for all those thing? Officially this month i had started my role as Leader for Centre of Excellence HBS Supply CHain in company that i worked for and i have 7 people that need my supervision. Its not that easy. And people was thinking working at 6am and finish at 230pm everyday will be an easy for me as i can go back early. But thats not true as what you think. Since 1st april, most of the time i need to stay back till 430pm or 5pm which is a lot of report and process improvement that need to review and update. And working in remote area and supporting our Singapore, Australia and New Zealand will be a big challenge for me. :(
Will se how far i can go

Dear Mohamad Taufik,

APICS Member/Customer ID Number: XXXXXX

Congratulations! APICS has reviewed and approved your CSCP Exam Eligibility Application.

This e-mail is your official Authorization to Test notice. You are now eligible to take the CSCP exam. This eligibility process does not automatically register you for the exam. You must also complete the exam registration process. The next exam offered is 20 June 2009. Please contact the APICS International Certification Administrator (CA) serving your area for information on registration deadlines, fees, and procedures.

See the list of APICS International CAs at Please also visit the CSCP section of the APICS Web site to download a copy of the International CSCP Registration Bulletin. All candidates are required to thoroughly review the bulletin for exam procedures and policies.

Please make note of your APICS Member/Customer ID Number listed above; you must use this number when registering for the CSCP exam. Please keep this notice for your records. You are not required to submit your eligibility application again once you have been approved.

Thank you for your interest in the APICS CSCP exam!

APICS Certification Operations

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