Rabu, April 22, 2009

7 – 1 = ?

Helloooo readers

Yesterday was a day for me to make a decision as a team leader. One of staff had gave me her resignation letter. She has been working with company for almost 1 year and 10 months but I have no doubt on her knowledge on running the Purchase Order administration for south East Asia region. I heard a few rumors about her decision regards to her resignation such as she had applied to be a teacher, further her study and also managed to get a new job in another private sector. But one think that came to my mind was – she doesn’t like to work under my supervision where previous we are colleague but now I’m her supervisor. But business has to go on right.

But for me, I have to seat down for my APICS exam this coming June and once had obtained the professional certification, I will make sure that I will be somebody in Procurement industry.

May Allah bless me and hopefully all my current staff will support me as im working hard to support them in return with review the OT claim which previously none of previous staff can claim. And one more benefit that I’m working on was taxi and meal allowance. Perhaps this can be approving in couple of week.

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In The Nite Garden berkata...

Hey Taufik,
Any chance for me to apply for this vacancy? :D

taufik berkata...

ala kak Nite. ini keje basic utk budak fresh graduate. Takut company i tak mampu nak bayar gaji you yang riban riban plak :P