Rabu, Mac 18, 2009


Helooo readers

When talking about hobby, most of us have our own preference on doing thing that we like. Some people like to have a pet at their house as their hobby and some like to collect thing such as stem, mug, t-shirt, magazine, perfume etc and nevertheless local or international tour.

For me I will try my best to schedule my holiday at least twice a year locally and abroad to refresh my soul and mind so that I have a better energy to work. Why I say so. Ermmm just because I like to see and feel a difference culture, taste a good local food and of course meet difference people at difference way of level so that it may improve my communication and self esteem.

And of course while traveling; I love to collect some toiletries which personally I found those items very cute. And I just realize that I have a dozens which left at my house in penang. But that’s OK as maybe next time I can bring those and put together with my new collection

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