Rabu, Februari 25, 2009

working Hours re-arrangement

Hello readers

As normal working hours, i should start work at 9am to 530pm but with new re-structuring, for this February month till mid of March I have to start work at 8am which is 1 hour earlier. And once I moved to our new office in Hap Seng Building at Jalan sultan Ismail, i need to come and start work at 6am and finish work at 230pm. Sound great right!!!!! there is no traffic for both hours but to get a free parking in KL area is not that easy.

hopefully the increament in april month can cover my parking expenses. But thanks to Allah becouse no retrenchment aka VSS in current employment and hope it will not happen so that i can earn as usual for living.

Ok for now , need to start work back

sayonara .... muaaaahhhhhh

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