Jumaat, Januari 08, 2010

Resolution 2010

hi All
this will be my 2nd posting for year 2010. well most of us still thinking of thier resolution in year 2010 but not me on the first place. For me last year resolution need to settle in other word, renew it larrr . hehehe. but when i started work after 2 weeks long leave, my officemate asked me on it and out of sudden i told her that " out from this company ASAP" . reflect to my word to her, i went for interview with Pelikan malaysia located at Puchong. I do hope that i can get new job this year. :)
So what is your resolution this year??? get new boyfriend? settle all your debts? or just remain with previous year.
Ok need to stop for this short posting as really busy with new project currently. Will try my best to keep update everyday with new entry and new excitement.

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