Jumaat, September 11, 2009

no Mood @ office

hey u olsss

hari nie i rasa x de mood nak keje. bukan apa dok pikir nak balik raya minggu depan. so sangat le teruja kata nye walaupun x de le buat persiapan apa pun. And today i start apply my leave through E-leave portal. and my manager approved it. I will start my leave on 18th till 27th . What a wonderfull day but im pretty sure that during my leave, a few people from Australia will call me. Its happen during my last year raya and they asked me to create some vendor in system which im not be able to help them. And this time, i will not bring home laptop since i will stay at my sister house and they do not have any broadband . So no point to bring that piggy laptop.

in fact there is several occasion that i need to attend during this long holiday. Need to go to Kedah, perlis and one of the occasion that i been waiting so long was, there will be a re-union that conducted by SMKA Al-irshad Alumni. i been told that last year they managed to gather almost 300 ex-student. So it will increase to 301 ( include me lorrrr) . hehehehe

So to all ex-irshadian , wait me there ya......


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