Selasa, Ogos 04, 2009

back to PJ office

hi guys

After struggeling with my work, now im back to PJ Office with normal working hours (9am to 530pm) no more work like an allien 6am -330pm . And at least no longer work like factory workers.

Im sure some of you know why im back to PJ office. hahaha after gaduh dengan procurement team in SYdney , and also after new staff (which is same level with me) main office politic, well better for me to leave that non-value added job for me and get back my old psoition which is doing the procurement function for Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. At least i i nak cari new job out there, my title still ada value which is Procurement Specialist compare dengan Centre of Excellence Manager. Excellence lahhhh sangat kata nye. choiiiiiiii

and im happy here (in old office) . so for those who read my blog especially my ex-staff, please make sure that you gain something and leave the non value job if you think as what im thinking before. Grab the opportunity and find a tune for a better carreer

Good luck my ex-team with new supervisor and your career.

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