Sabtu, Jun 27, 2009

Phuket - 1st chapter

Hi readers

our flight safely touch down Phuket International Airport 130pm ( thai time) and we straight away hired a limousine to Patong beach where the beach area that we stay for this 4 days 3 night. Weather here very hot and we need to drink more water. Luckly 7-eleven easily to find withing Phuket / patong area.

since we check in hotel at 330pm, so we decided to have a short walk within Patong area. ANd first place we are heading was KFC at Jungceylon Shopping mall and straight away to beach.

Some picture taken for our day at Phuket.

Patong Beach with white and nice sandy. You should take off you sandal so that you can enjoy the lovely sandy beach here.

Local beachboy with "hot" and "black" body

we have our dinner at this muslim stall where u may find a few halal stall.
Now is 945pm and me and mr Fit is ready to have fun at Puket night life. Apa lagi disco time le u ols

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Best tak Phuket? Kat sana byk tempat boleh explore. Btw, KFC Phuket halal tau!!