Selasa, Jun 17, 2008

need more holiday

well i might crazy again. Suddenly this morning I just make my mind to have another holiday in August. So i terus je buat reservation and paid my travelling for 2. With who???? with my lover le takkan nak pegi dengan nenek plak hehehehe

initial plan , yesterday all my close friends asked me to join them to Bangkok during National day but I told them that I already plan to Bangkok end of this year which is my company will shutdown for Xmas and new year.End year will be my long trip about 1 1/2 week. I will explore thailand for that 1 1/2 week. But today i decided to Jakarta. ermmm will see what i can explore in Jakarta after my trip to Bali last 2 weeks.

Hope next year i can go far from the listing maybe europe plak


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wah.jalan tak hengat.wakaka.